Progress Sneak Peek - November 14

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox

I must admit that I was about to skip this progress report, as I was caught up in a bit more "administrative" work, and  it turns out to be a bit boring haha.

First, though, let's go with the game development :D

During these days I've dedicated myself to write all the content of Prim's story that will be included in the next version, although this time I also wanted to do something like what happened with the introduction of the Tournament Arc in Yui's story.

In this update we are reaching an important point in the story of several Lucky Paradox characters, like Yui and the Dragons, and well also like Primrose right now, this means that it is necessary to decide whether to distribute this segment of the story in several small events or to focus on one event a little longer than usual.

I think the second option turns out much better.

Although this time it will not be an event as long as the one seen in the tournament, it will be an extensive event, including some of Iris's background, what really happened with Prim's parents before the arrival to Argleton, and some events performed by the previous mayor (Hanna Barrie), before Johan took control of Argleton and the events happening nowadays.

There are also many significant twists that will help connect the story of Argleton seen so far.

Although those of you who have been paying close attention will have already been able to deduce a few things along the way.

My intention from now on, is that the story progresses faster and faster, until it reaches its conclusion, without accelerating the pace too much, as it would kill the atmosphere of tranquility that Argleton should convey.

I think that, once the story is finished, it will be great to go through the game again with a very different perspective than the one you had when playing Lucky Paradox for the first time.

On the other hand, I have worked on a new event for the potions shop, with a special "Shrink Potion" event for Prim, which will be a quieter event to compare with the main story.

I still plan to add one more event of this type during this update, but I have yet to decide on one from my list of ideas xD

Finally, the "administrative" part I was talking about at the beginning of this post.

For a long time, I have wanted to improve my workspace, transform it into a kind of "office" where I can maintain a better order and a cleaner workflow, however, this required time and I have always been focused on finishing the Lucky Paradox updates as fast as possible, without stopping to do this task.

But well, this last week I've given myself that time, I think I kept accumulating loose sheets with ideas, documents, drawings with concepts, not to mention cans of energy drinks and snacks here and there that were accumulating, and that was reducing my productivity and giving me a lot of visual fatigue (Yes, I'm very messy), so I decided to collect all the good stuff, throw away everything useless, buy some furniture and reorganize everything to have as little as possible.

But it's meant a few days that I've had to do some wiring, set up furniture and get rid of old furniture, refresh the room because it’s going to be summer here soon among other things, so I've been limited in the amount of progress I've been able to make in the game, and I was wondering if I should make a progress report this time or not (but here we are xD)

But well, here we are, and I think that no matter what happens, my duty is to keep you up to date with everything haha

And that's all for today's report :)

As always, I send you a huge hug from afar and I hope all my beautiful have a beautiful week.

See you soon with more news!

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Are you going to put in an option to the end story where we get the grandma to do the job she should have in the first place? Or did I miss the route to get there?

I'm so happy that you're focusing more on Prim. She's the main girl but she's also one of the most boring right now. Maybe finally get to her video game tournament?

I've also been wondering if I'm expected to have been to the top of Yui's mountain by now? I'm not too far off I think (fitness 457), but it has just become too grindy and I'm out of story stuff.

Thank you for the news!

Glad that you upgraded your workspace. It will make things easier and more enjoyable for you going forward.

Cool stuff.