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Hello World! I'm Stawer and I'm Creating Lucky Paradox.

A Harem Game with a Mysterious and Puzzling Story.

And of Course, Full of Cutiness, Love and Passion <3


You are specially invited to join our discord community. Where you will be able to spend a pleasant moment and find tons of bunnies’ images :3



   Welcome to Argleton, a charming city disconnected from the rest of the world, where you can relax, visit places of interest and meet its quirky inhabitants.

   You will be able to form relationships with different girls, follow their stories and discover all the mysteries that are hidden.


Main Girls

   Primrose Barrie is your best friend's sister. Always friendly and with a smile adorable, full of hope and ready to give you all her support when you need it.

   Maxy Conwey is the daughter of the mayor. Passionate, cheesy, impulsive and totally crazy. She just needs a guitar and love to be happy.

   Charlotte Charpentier is dreamy, meticulous and disciplined. She came to Argleton to reach her goal, even if she has to face her family to do it.

   Layla Gallagher is the granddaughter of the Argleton engineer. An honest and truly smart girl, but very aggressive, always in search of new knowledge.

   Yui is an intriguing girl of few words, very affectionate and calm, and at the same time cautious and protective. Always attentive to your words.

   Sasha is an impressive and professional thief known as a yellow butterfly... Mysterious and subtle, maybe she knows much more than you could imagine.



  • Discover Argleton through its characters: Seven main girls, each with their own story. 
  • Relationships: Forge special relationships with each character and unlock secondary and sexy content.
  • Build: Develop skills, which will not only give you benefits in each of your actions. Become a great chef or create a band, increase your skills whenever you want.
  • Play Your Own Way: History changes according to how you play. Discover all the secrets and surprises that await you.

  • Costumes and Gifts: Unlock new costumes and special gifts for each girl. Each one unlocks additional lewd content.


Planned Content

  • Museum: Rebuild the Argleton Museum. Put together the great puzzle that this town hides, get trophies and retrieve the log pages.
  • Trait SystemA skill tree, where you can specialize and improve in new and creative ways. Build your character and increase the rewards.
  • Calendar: Argleton's anniversary, birthdays, christmas, halloween, among many other special days. You can participate in fishing or sport competitions. There will be a lot to discover.
  • Seasons: The four seasons come to Argleton. Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn, each with its own special music and events. 
  • And more to come...

Depending on how the story progresses and what you do with each character, the destiny is going to change. There's no such thing as good or bad endings...


For Now

Is a very early version of the game, many things will be improved in the future or reworked if necessary. 

Fetishes that will never be included: NTR.

Get Updates Before Anyone Else and Get Exclusive Content.


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Lucky Paradox 3 GB
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Version 0.6.3
Lucky Paradox 3 GB
Version 0.6.3

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Do you maybe know when the next update is gona be? Maybie not a guaranteed date, but a guess? 

Good game but on android is so off timing. For example when I tap to enter a room it dose it after some where 1 minute or less.

Do you know how to change the language to English for Android?

I'm playing on Windows.  When I take a shower it says my affection is raised by two, but then I check and it actually lowered it by two.  Is this a bug?  What's going on?

Haha no it isn’t a bug. That’s the appeal stat. It’s to maintain your appearance which you can do by showering, training, or going to the beauty salon


Alright, so I'm playing Lucky Paradox on mac, and I really think this game is the best of its kind. My personal all time favorite! Stawer did a hell of a job here! 

How do I change my game to English for the android version?

Material para pajas, y para romperte el corazón. No me imaginaba que fuera a llorar, y al final ocurrió. Gracias por todo, y a la espera de las siguientes actualizaciones

Are saves cross compatible? I have a PC now and I've maxed out the content on my previous save on Android


"Fetishes that will never be included: NTR. "

I love this man already.

Will there be an actual pregnancy opt-in with any of the girls? 


I'm addicted to this game!! Amazing artwork and lovely progress with the girls!! Absolutely amazing!! Got to say I do love that we start with some huge tits right from the start!! And then there's so many options afterwards!! Hope to see the game develop and grow as it should!! So far, great job!!!

Great work so far, Im curious about Celestine, is the only interaction just volleyball? And in the scene selector, is there a way to figure out what scenes I'm missing/or if they are miss-able scenes, and do I just need to restart?

No you definitely don’t need to restart XD Make sure you have done all the interactions with the girls too like their trainings or chat with them since some scenes are from there. Also there might be a shower scene you are missing with them too

oh, maybe ran into a bug, but when trying to change/alter maxy to mary, after the purple firefly, she is still maxy, with no change. :/

when you do the alter change maxy/Mary will change to the other the next day. It isn’t immediately after you do it 


I have to say for it being in an early stages of development I am impressed with the content and story line has so far; it has a lot of potential for much more. I look forward to seeing what you bring to the future updates!

(3 edits)

There's a strange texture (seems like it's placed wrong on the body or something, making it looking pretty odd) on Yui's maid costume's private parts on sex scenes, could you fix that on the next version? It's litterally the only thing stopping me from using that costume since i can't stop looking at it.

That will be fixed on the next update, thanks for the tactical report :D

No problem! Your game is awesome, and the graphics are simply amazing!

Esta nueva actualisacion traera nuevas ecenas o solo es un remaker

Nuevas escenas no, pero si cambia el inicio del juego.

Hey will there be an option to have a cheat mode or to play the game from the last update? Cuz that would be usefull.. 

Updates are save compatible

Hey, how do I take primrose on the picnic, I don't see an option for it and well Im at a loss

You take take her on a picnic during the evenings. The option will be available in her activities at evening

thanks a million, I was starting every sunday at noon just asking away like a fool

haha np XD glad you got it :)

(1 edit) (+2)

Dude, the Monty Python RPG part made me laugh more than I expected. Very good! 

Holy fk i love you xD

It's a great reference to have in any RPG setting!


Thank you for never including NTR. I really hate that.

Well, I'm playing the game for almost 1 week and don't find that girl of poster (first of left to right). Who is she?

She is part of the main plot.  Saying more would be spoilers.

But you can say where find? I reached the end of actual plot of Yui and Prim...

Maxy plot.

Advance the story with Maxy first.

Nueva versión señores, esto es felicidad para mí 😍


Enjoying the game so far. Getting to the end of a fair few of the girls stories. Looking forward to the future updates!

Como le hago o que tengo que hacer para sacar los trajes de los personajes (ya de dinero tengo 90000) pero no me aparece nada ni misiones secundarias (eso que ya terminé toda la historia) pero sigue sin salir me nada 😞🤔

Si es así, debe tratarse de un bug.

Tendré que revisar en detalle :c

MMM.. quien sabe diría que puede ser las estadísticas tienen que ver con las misiones o los trajes? (Está muy bueno el juego recomiendo bastante y la verdad sólo tengo esas dudas) pero te voy a recomendar para que venga a apoyarte Bro con tu contenido 😎👌

*gritito* AHHHH, esto esta lejos de no ser bueno

Uh after I built maxys room it says this is all the content for this version I remember there being more when I played last year is this a bug?

Android version btw


better say it in spanish or whatever  so that you can get replied


De acuedo ahora no se si la actualisacion 0.6.5 y la 0.7.0 son la misma o sin separadas


La versión 0.6.5 (En la que trabajo actualmente), es una mejora completa del juego, con un nuevo comienzo y algunos cambios.

La versión 0.7.0 es una versión con nuevo contenido, pero que saldrá después del lanzamiento de la versión 0.6.5.


oh vaya, me muero por ver la nueva versión y luego la 7.0, sigue adelante amigo.


Arriba las Maxys!

Cuando sale la nueva actualización?


van a meter alguna chica con tatuaje me gustaria mucho

Si, aún faltan algunas chicas por agregar.

Pero por ahora quiero agregar más contenido a las chicas que ya están en el juego y concentrarme en el remake, que ha esta altura ya parece un LP 2.0 xD

Remake? La versión 6.5 o 7.0?

Parece que el servidor de la descargas esta dañado no me a dejado descargar esta nuevas version dime si tiene solucion o canmbia de servidor de descarga

Acabo de intentar y todo parece ir bien, debe ser un problema de tu conexión, pero desconozco la causa real

Why won't maxy appear in any room for me? pls help


when will Maxy's story be done and ready I REALLY like her and great game so far but feel like I can't do more, on day 161 and got everything I can.


When I gave Charlotte the Succubus costume, I got Maxy's lines about a Christmas costume


Will there be pregnancy in this game?

hey so i just finished the current build and i thought i would just lay my thoughts out as they come to me.

the story is bit of a rollercoaster for me cause in the later parts it's actually pretty good and i'm really looking forward to continuing any of the girls stories. that might have something to do with your ability as a writer getting better as you go but early on i just felt super out of place. sasha's arc seems to be the general main story but it happens mostly passively and i get big bombs of info dropped on me long before i understand their relevance. and the girls plot lines feel like they ran in circles for awhile without going anywhere.

i'm also pretty uncertain what the stats do for the most part cause i think the only time they came up for me was when i taught mary guitar and working but even that seems to hit a cap very quickly.

the morning and noon slots felt pretty barren of activities to do because none of the girls wanna interact in the morning and they don't wanna do training at noon either. so if i didn't have a story to continue at those times i just did running or martial arts training cause i couldn't think of anything else to do.

and i get it is a problem with the format of how the stories are done cause you can't know how far the player has got in the other ones. but the girls individual stories feel so disconnected from each other that they feel like entirely different time lines. to the point that huge reveals can just be swept under the rug and big character changes can just have not happened at all anymore. like i can be telling prim one minute that i plan to stay with her forever and in the next i can be telling mary that i don't know what i am going to do after my business here is done and that i might leave. or charlotte can put on her grandmas black dragon outfit and i can just be like holy shit that's the thing yui wear so she must of been a black dragon but the MC is just like meh that's weird. or layla can tell me i start going in pain or pass out and maybe even die if i go to far from town and that lines up perfectly with what sahsa says about mayor candidates and the MC just shrugs it off. i definitely feel like the story could benefit from gating stories based on progress with other ones to be able to tie them together better.

i would also love to see the girls interact with each other more. the dnd thing was pretty nice purely because of that and i kinda wanna know how the girls feel about all of them sort of dating the same guy. and their relationship is pretty unclear. like they say it is something along the lines of friends with benefits but will regularly tell each other that they love them or how if they get pregnant they will raise it together so i would like it if things were a bit more clear.

while i was mainly pointing out the things i didn't like overall i actually really liked it. and i think it's because i liked it that i gave it this much thought. and if i were to choose the main points that bothered me the most it would be the weak start and how the girls stories feel so disconnected from each other. but you are doing a great job and i imagine some of the things i said may have already been on your radar but i just wanted to say it all in the hopes that it will help you make a better game and i look forward to future updates.


Well, about the writing, it's a consequence of my inexperience creating videogames when I was just starting, it was the first time I did something like this and I wanted the story to leave enough freedom to go in the order you want or just ignore a girl if you want. Many games stop your progress and despite the "sandbox", you will be forced to go with all of them in order to reach the end, but I didn't want that here, so it is difficult to predict how each player will progress in the story.

The basic idea is to have 6 very distinct story arcs at the beginning, then a new one opens with Mary (so 7 paths). As you go along, everything is connected and develops until one of the endings.

That's why I decided to pause the story and dedicate two months to polish all the details, rewrite the whole beginning, because due to many problems with my personal life during the development of the game, I had to cut a lot of content that in the long run, but in the end ended up hurting the game experience.

There is still a lot to be added in Lucky Paradox, with that will come many more interactions between the girls. This is vital for the development of the story. 

Thanks for all the feedback, this kind of criticism helps a lot to the quality of the game <3

Good game but veeeeeery late response in my taping it should be instant. (android version). I don't know if it's only me tho who has that problem ......

Heya! I have a question with 2 scenes, the 9th scene of Maxy and the 3rd scene of Mary. How can I unlock them? I just need these 2 scenes to complete the version 

Both are shower scenes. Check the shower during the evenings to see if they are in there

how do I unzip this game?


Put the download in a new folder and right click  to “extract here” then you should be good

Is there gallery or Scene replay?


Yes. Continue the story to unlock it. It will be an icon in your room at the bottom of the screen 


May I ask when can I unlock it?


this game is beautiful! the story is crazy and i was going to cry a lot! thank you for this, is one the best one of this kind that i ever played! <3

i cried.

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