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Hello World! I'm Stawer and I'm Creating Lucky Paradox.

A Harem Game with a Mysterious and Puzzling Story.

And of Course, Full of Cutiness, Love and Passion <3


You are specially invited to join our discord community. Where you will be able to spend a pleasant moment and find tons of bunnies’ images :3



   Welcome to Argleton, a charming city disconnected from the rest of the world, where you can relax, visit places of interest and meet its quirky inhabitants.

   You will be able to form relationships with different girls, follow their stories and discover all the mysteries that are hidden.


Main Girls

   Primrose Barrie is your best friend's sister. Always friendly and with a smile adorable, full of hope and ready to give you all her support when you need it.

   Maxy Conwey is the daughter of the mayor. Passionate, cheesy, impulsive and totally crazy. She just needs a guitar and love to be happy.

   Charlotte Charpentier is dreamy, meticulous and disciplined. She came to Argleton to reach her goal, even if she has to face her family to do it.

   Layla Gallagher is the granddaughter of the Argleton engineer. An honest and truly smart girl, but very aggressive, always in search of new knowledge.

   Yui is an intriguing girl of few words, very affectionate and calm, and at the same time cautious and protective. Always attentive to your words.

   Sasha is an impressive and professional thief known as a yellow butterfly... Mysterious and subtle, maybe she knows much more than you could imagine.



  • Discover Argleton through its characters: Seven main girls, each with their own story. 
  • Relationships: Forge special relationships with each character and unlock secondary and sexy content.
  • Build: Develop skills, which will not only give you benefits in each of your actions. Become a great chef or create a band, increase your skills whenever you want.
  • Play Your Own Way: History changes according to how you play. Discover all the secrets and surprises that await you.

  • Costumes and Gifts: Unlock new costumes and special gifts for each girl. Each one unlocks additional lewd content.


Planned Content

  • Museum: Rebuild the Argleton Museum. Put together the great puzzle that this town hides, get trophies and retrieve the log pages.
  • Trait SystemA skill tree, where you can specialize and improve in new and creative ways. Build your character and increase the rewards.
  • Calendar: Argleton's anniversary, birthdays, christmas, halloween, among many other special days. You can participate in fishing or sport competitions. There will be a lot to discover.
  • Seasons: The four seasons come to Argleton. Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn, each with its own special music and events. 
  • And more to come...

Depending on how the story progresses and what you do with each character, the destiny is going to change. There's no such thing as good or bad endings...


For Now

Is a very early version of the game, many things will be improved in the future or reworked if necessary. 

Fetishes that will never be included: NTR.

Get Updates Before Anyone Else and Get Exclusive Content.

Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withBlender, Adobe Photoshop, pygame, Ren'Py
Tags3D, Adult, Cute, Dating Sim, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Porn, sex, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian, Spanish; Latin America
LinksPatreon, Discord


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Lucky Paradox 5 GB
Version 0.8.0a
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Version 0.8.0a
Lucky Paradox - Compressed 1 GB
Version 0.8.0a

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will there ever be any public cheat mode builds?

I keep getting "app not installed" when updating the android apk, resetting permissions did not help

Usually happens when the APK installer doesn't have enough storage space to copy the app files.


I've played this VN long ago, and was really impressed by it. However I came back upon seeing 0.8.0a released and I uninstalled while I waited for space. Trying to install it says "app not installed" I want to subscribe to the patreon, but want to get in the game first lol.

Sometimes it could be a weird Android error. Maybe try resetting app permissions by settings > Apps > Reset app and preferences/ reset app application permissions. Then try to install it and hopefully that works

I had the same issue, I think the APK to this is bugged

Issue with Android 11 the game refuses to go Fullscreen and leaves the status bar and side buttons visible and this seems to be making the game incredibly instable


Very nice game.  I’m holding off until the game is almost complete.  Which brings me to my questions:

1) How far is the completion of the game.

2) How many words are in your game so far and how many words you intend to have by end game? 

Thanks and like I said, great game. 


1) Almost halfway through

2) Hard to tell xD

Loved the "crash". Hope it gets updated soon. It's a wonderful game!

Really loving this! the story lines are really easy to get invested in and I love the unique aspects with the crash stuff for example. Looking forward to seeing this progress!! Perfect mix of emotional and sexy moments lol


So much Monty Python, great!

(1 edit)

How do I look for artifacts at the hot springs

Look for a difference at the main room. Once you find it click it XD 

Anyone know how to unlock this scene?

try to do more of her sublety trainings

It's a one of best NSFW games.ok I was relaxed ..... and I finished it And to see the end and I have not completed it yet and my opinion is that you continue to support it, hero, I mean (the game developer). And this remains only an opinion😺😺😺😺

(1 edit)
How can I give Layla $1000?
I already have enough money but I don't know how to give it to her.

Talk to her at noon when she is working 

done it, thank you


Why, why u gotta mess with me and the maxy flashbacks

how to visit iris? i cant see the farm on the map


Probably because it’s December. Continue till the next month and it will show up again 

thanks for the help i was really stumped about why i couldnt visit iris

Need a little help. I talked with cassandra about helping shizuka's leg. Who do I talk with afterwards. I seem to be stuck

Which character are you trying to work on? The profiles should tell you what to do next for their main story 

I may be at the end of the game then. Just says new content will be available. Has anyone reached a true ending?

Yeah if it says “work in progress” then you are caught up for that story event. No endings yet since it is a work in progress XD 

Is it possible to miss one of the Yui scenes? On her character card it says everything is "Completed" or "Work in Progress," but one of her scenes is still locked.

It might be a beach scene. Go to the beach at noon and talk to her and choose her “go to beach activity”

That was it, thanks

This might be a weird question but, what music do you use?

(2 edits) (+1)

Go to info in the game and scroll down you will see the credits

also the kid who made the cool music is https://soundcloud.com/hitctrl


Thanks dude

why isn’t my charisma going up it says work as waiter for it but it hasn’t gone up what am I doing wrong?


Waiting tables is affected by how high your charisma stat is not that it trains it. You can train your charisma by practicing with Prim or Sasha. You could also rent a book at the library and passively gain it that way too

ohh okay thxs

add a ducky this will boost popularity 

Hello.ive backed up my 7.5 save but it is not letting memove it into the data folder for android.  Is there a way around this?

Is there a number the stats like charisma ETC max out at.

Max is 999, not for appeal, cause needs a rework rn xD


any ntr haters here?


maybe they should've sucked less don't blame their partner for taking the better deal

i mean i understand if the partner is an ass abusive or anything like that but to cheat on someone that has given they're life is something i dont like and most ntr is like that witch is why i posted this but hey thats my thoughts and you have yours even if in my eyes they're wrong

Congratulations on the Update - i love it!

I´m not sure if it is a glitch or did i miss any requirements but it says i have to buy the Leash and the Magazine but just can´t find it in the Kamen Rainors Store? Any Idea? Thx for help!

Glad you enjoyed it! If you go to the shop that’s on the left with Alice, you will see a gift shop where you can buy the leash and magazine

I am an Idiot... i bought it already and had not remembered it - so there was nohing for me to buy when i actually tried it on purpose ^^ thx for your help

and keep on rockin!

You are welcome!

Question: how to train with yui and be the black dragon I don't know how to lol am I dumb or what lol

(1 edit)

Well you need to train with Kaede and Shizuka to prove yourself first though the title isn’t obtainable currently. Though you can train with Yui at noon at the beach and in the mornings at the Shogukuni during Saturday’s and Sunday’s

(2 edits)

Ok thanks. It does make sense that you cant obtain the title because the games a WIP. But really thanks big time because I now know I can train with yui in the morning


First time making a comment on a game for public review. I've played a lot of these type of games to pass the time and the story on this one is absolutely incredible! The way the characters intermix, and the base story really make you think. I also like that there are things that this game has that others do not such as the appearance system My only suggestion is to have a way to show if chatting will not have any other events. Maybe there is already and I'm missing it however. 

In the end, it's very very well written, the story is so engrossing to the point I've been playing it straight none stop since Tuesday and it's Friday. I'm sad to see that it's almost over but can't wait for the next update!

Glad you enjoy the game! Yeah if it says “work in progress” in the profiles for chatting events then you have seen everything for the current update 

Ok thanks! Looking forward to the next part. 

I will return to this amazing game in a week. I've awaited since the version 0.6.0x (i don't recall the patch). No doubt i'll enjoy whatever there may be.

(1 edit)

Question about Mary, for depravation is says "Event Unavailable" rather than Work In Progress. Should I assume these are hold the same meaning as I have here to nearly 6 depravation hearts with still no available event?

Another question.. does appeal cap at 73?

Is the event unlocked in the gallery for Mary? If so then don’t worry since that’s the only depravity event for Mary in the update 

Yes it is, if there's only 4 of em. Thank you!

you are welcome!

Lmao sorry but one more question... So is the time you get caught with Kaede by Shizuka not a memory? And what do I do until December if I have everything else done

That scene with Kaede should be available in Kaedes section in the gallery. To do the Christmas event you just need to have enough progress with yui, kaede, and Shizuka and to start it you need to be in December of course lol

I finished all the available sex scene for all the..characters  but just one sex scene for maxy and mary i can't unlock...can someone give me a hint or something.So that i can fully complete this update.plz

that one for Maxy is another appearance event. Talk to her to train with her. Check the profiles for any other available events. I’m not sure which Mary one you are missing 

Can someon plz tell me,How to earn star for barries restaurant??

Don’t worry XD it isn’t implemented atm but will be added in a future update 


The plot is getting better and better, even for the last update I dropped the sex related parts; now with the new Sasha and Liz lines I'm only playing for the story. 

It's kind of sad though that the binary encoding doesn't lead to much in that dialogue you have in the Liz line other than the words "Silas Grant" (Ludwig's sister's name doesn't translate into anything meaningful other than "Gr"?), I took my time to jot all of those codes down too :(

How do I activate the picnic with prim? Im completely stuck on it for her progress and have no options.


Talk to her during the evenings and in her activity option it will be there 

She has no activity options. Looking on her progress page tells me to go to her room during the evening to go on a picnic with her, but there is no options for a picnic at all during evening on anyday of the week unfortunately. I believe she might be glitched :/

(1 edit)

I deleted and redownloaded in hopes of fixing the error, unfortunately it didn't work. I'm not very fluent on the inner workings of renpy, so i'm not sure how to fix this. I could activate the console but past that id be unsure of what commands I could use to activate this event if there is any.

first off, love the game. I can’t believe I slept on it for so long.

second, I cannot find Maxy’s 7th scene or Mary’s 4th

Maxy’s is a training event. Practice the guitar with her at the evenings. Mary’s is a deprave event. Make sure she has 2 Purple Hearts first and then cook XD 


´´This game requires use of GL2 that can`t be initialised´´

This goddamn error screen has been haunting me in many games, and it seems that Lucky Paradox joined the party. Did some research and it seems to be linked to ´´Opengl´´ but I couldn´t find out how to update it, so it could also be a spec issue since I´m playing on bonestock laptop. Any help regarding this problem is welcome.

(3 edits)

I really love the game, I just have one minor suggestion for it. Would it be possible to make the new measurement scenes repeatable? That and/or having a nude costume option viewable from the costumes menu for characters you have the measurements of (I think this is the better option out of the two☺️). I would love this feature to be added for everyone but mainly because I like Liz a lot and the only time you get to see her nude is non-repeatable haha.

This doesn't detract from the rest of the game tho, it's great and I've been following it for a long time! Keep it up because I really enjoy these huge updates you keep bringing. You really didn't have to go so hard on the new artifact scene, I was playing at 1am and it rattled me to say the least lmao.


Glad you enjoy the game! In the progress report it stated you could see them nude from the new gallery after you obtained their measurements. That will be in the next update 🙂

Well, I missed that, my bad lmao. Thanks!

you are welcome!

Hi. First of all, wow what a great game. Loved every minute of it. OK, so I have 2 questions.
1. In the scene where Johan and Sasha were fighting in Antons room, is the game just supposed to close when Johna says "I want a better world"? or is the game actually crashing?
2. is release 0.8.0a different to 0.8.0? I have 0.8.0.

Thanks for making such a great game. And thanks in advance for any reply. :) 

0.8.0a just has some bug fixes. No new content

it is supposed to close so just hit continue or load your most recent auto save when you load it back up. 0.8a is just bug fixes


Why am I Downlod version 0.8.0 but still 0.7.0?

Same issue here, I got the update, loaded my save but no new content for some reason. There is some xmas stuff though, that was nice.

mmm really weird... Android?


I've had this game in my favorites for a long time.  But for one reason or another, I never got around to trying it until tonight.  I'm only a few in game day's into it.  But so far, I like what I've seen.  The characters that I've come across thus far, are likable (even the weird red eyed girl).  It's a shame that I'm only now trying this out.  But, better late than never.


Dont worry. Great you gave it a try! Glad you enjoy it! 


Really like the game. Great story!

I love Lucky Paradox so much. If I could make one single request, I would love for you to include something like a codex so that we could keep track of the story? It's brilliant with a lot of depth, and it can be hard to follow through waiting for updates so I would greatly appreciate it!! 

There is a wiki with some general information now XD here is the link


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