Progress Sneak Peek - November 1

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox

This time I decided to make the progress report a little later, because… well Halloween.

During the first week I’ve been fixing the bugs that have been reported in version 0.8.2, this time they were not too many, but they required more time than necessary, due to some deeper ramifications in the code.

During these days, I've also been studying about some Android development kits, in order to shuffle as many alternatives as possible to continue releasing Android version, I've also done some tests with Joyplay (though apparently this means more work for the player) and some new compression alternatives.

It is quite a complex and time-consuming issue (Trial and error), so I decided to leave it on "Pause" for the moment, and I will come back to analyze the alternatives once the next update is finished.

Not to worry though, there will still be an Android version, but probably the installation steps will be different from before :)

Once the bug fixing round was finished, I decided to take the weekend off from the first week, as I was tired and needed to recharge my batteries.

During the second week I have started the development of version 0.8.3, and the secondary content that will be included in this update, so later I can focus all my efforts on the main story.

I have added a new project, that you can unlock by talking to Sarah at the museum: this time it is the project that will unlock a new feature: "Shrink Potion"(YES!!! You heard well), And just as it happens with the "Growth Potion", we will need to help Clara to make this project and then negotiate between three alternatives: "Maximum profit", "Maximum discount" or "A bit of both", the first alternative for those who are not interested in the "Shrink Potion" and the second for those who plan to use it multiple times, and well, the third for the ones who want the worst of both worlds… oh wait the best of both worlds xD

The Potion store interface was also updated, now we can see the new potion and new girls that can use them:

Also, a button has been added in the gallery with the variations of girls using the "Shrink Potion", but before unlocking it, it is necessary to have used the potion at least once with the girl you want to unlock this option with.

I added some small expansions to Argleton beach.

To enter these locations, we must "walk" along the borders of the beach and at the same time they will help to connect the whole beach as if it were a single location.

The new scenarios are Celestine's Beach:

 And Daisy's House:

In the future, we will be able to perform the corresponding secondary stories and help to give more context to the environment of Argleton, also through the decoration of the locatios it is possible to have some clues to the background of both girls.

Finally, I’ve been working on the main story, specifically Prim's story, though for now I cannot give you many clues as it is still in development. Surely there will be more information for the next progress report, but for the moment I think it will be a little more extensive than usual.

And that's all the report :)

As always, I send you a hug from afar and I hope you had a good Halloween <3

See you soon with more news!

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we need more john silver

the update of the  potions is in Spanish?

Excellent! I'm really excited to get back into the awesome LP story again!

Cool hype for the next public update!