Progress Sneak Peek - October 17

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox

I haven't disappeared yet, but as I was concentrating all my efforts on finishing the Alpha of the next update, I decided to postpone the progress report for a week.

Now that it has been finished, I can conclude that it has been much harder to finish than I thought, although I think it has been for the wrong reasons.

During each update I like to not only add new story content, but also new features and improve what was already done, in this case it has been the new gallery, the projects and Clara's potion store, the problem has arisen by mixing all these improvements in a single build (Android).

Since the beginning I have tried to give the greatest amount of accessibility to the players, so that they can enjoy Lucky Paradox with as many conveniences as possible, and this includes the Android version, however, this time it has been a big part of the problem I have had to face during this update.

Lucky Paradox from its conception is a game that, despite starting small, always had a very ambitious future focus, with a large amount of content, lots of interactions and features, something I've stayed true to so far. For certain parts of the code, I like to test months in advance and make some prototypes with concepts and ideas before applying them to the game, something that happened with potions and special dates.

However, many of these ideas have a bottleneck and that is the Android version.

The Android version not only needs parts of special code, but it also needs to rethink ideas, redesign the interface to be comfortable to use the horizontal touch, needs a huge compression (Since Lucky Paradox already exceeds 18.000 images and has hundreds of animations at this point), slower testing time to those on PC (Compilation that takes 40 min and testing is slower on phone) among many other drawbacks.

And if this were not enough, I must add the new versions of Android (which sometimes are problematic after Android 11, and I must redo a build already completed) and the little support that the game engine I'm using has in this regard (apk builds).

In a few words, it's a frustrating experience... 

With this last update I think I have reached a point, where each of these aspects have reached a limit that’s difficult to handle, and if I must be honest, I feel a little scared to think about what is still to be implemented in Lucky Paradox (which is quite a lot). Following the logic, it's easy to think that each future update will become more difficult and will cost more time to adapt to Android.

If you ask me... Right now, I don't know what to do....

I'm investigating alternatives like using Joiplay or using a much more aggressive compression method, but, still, some problems remain unsolved.

For now, I will continue evaluating what to do next, maybe with the passing of the days I will find something, but right now I feel an internal conflict.

As for the development, I have added a little extra content to give the first option of growth to Clara, it is a joke event, but I thought it was funny to add, so I decided to leave it, I think that more than one of you will laugh because of the bizarre situation.

The potion store was already implemented in the base game 100%, with four girls now (Yui, Shizuka, Kaede and Clara), but more will be included progressively in the future. Also, the base code for the Shrink Potion is finished, although there is still no added content, so it will remain hidden for now (waiting for the next update).

The new gallery has been added to the base game (Before it was only in the Cheat version) and with it we have added variations of the girls with the growth potion (Naked of course xD), so you can enjoy the variations without the need to buy a new potion.

Also, a lot of little details, sound effects and some new music arrangements have been added, but there are too many, and and it's already a very long post lol

As always, I will be willing to listen to your advice.

What is your opinion about the Android version?

As always, I send you a hug from afar and wish you have a great week.

And see you soon with more news!

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I've put games that don't even have an official android version through JoiPlay and it's worked just fine. I've also supported VN's that have transferred over without issue. 

It's a bit more "work" on my side but if that makes updates more frequent and it less stressful for you it's better. 

Don't stop supporting the Android version (T^T) I love the game and I've been supporting the project on Patreon for a long time, I just love the game


You will still be able to play on Android, but probably the installation steps will be changed :)

Thank you very much I will really be attentive

Having trouble to publish this game for Android? Try to talk to Arcadean, he also developed a heavy Ren'py game and his Android version is just wonderful.

And he also helped other developers.


thank for the info <3


I know several other AVNs use joiplay for their android ports. That may be your best bet. Otherwise, dropping or delaying the android support may be your other feasible option, as sucky as that is.


If you want to still make the Android version then by all means go for it, but for now I'd say hold it off until the game is pretty much complete. That way you can still make content as fast possible (if you desire) and not get a headache. At least when the game is finished all you'd have to do is translate it to Android.

I'm not an android player but if the version is causing all of these issues and slowing down development to such a degree, I would drop the platform. 

(1 edit)

Imo, you should just drop android version. That version is usually played by a very small part of the players and it's very burdensome and inconvenient to do. By doing so you would be able to speed up update frequency and have less problems with design (of those you mentioned in the post).

Where do you get and interpret this data? I see many players (online) who play games like these in the comfort in their own home. Personally I would slow down, maybe even stop and look at better alternatives with cost effective methods. To tell their community is a bold move, so Stawer, good job. Transparency is important to communities and consumers. 

Again keep do what you're doing Stawer, judging from this sneak peak progress, you seem to be heading into a better angle to look at this problem. As a member in this community I thank you.

Hi, i'm playing on Android and so far I had no problems and a change to joyplay wouldn't really hurt because you can transfer the save from the android version. But I have an other question: does the fan number 1 get more content? Because I like her character design and she is little crazy like maxi. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for all your hard work. As for the Android version I've seen a handful of other AVN devs just opting to drop it as it's becoming too cumbersome to development. Ultimately though the decision is yours to make as the creator.

Also it looks like the growth potion gives Shizuka a MASSIVE upgrade lol.


If the android version is such a big bottleneck and a lot of hassle to work on, you could drop the support for Android? Reading the first half of your post, I thought that was what you were going to announce :)

But I don't know how many of the player base plays this game on Android, that's a pretty important aspect of this of course.

Lessons In love did that so please do NOT drop android.