Progress Sneak Peek - September 12

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox

There is less, and  less time left to finish the next update, but it's also time to enter the testing area, and that's usually the hardest part (that was she said xD).

For this progress report I will try to be as brief as possible, since most of the time I have been focused on a work that is monotonous and mainly divided between making renders, correcting some texts and programming.

Besides being a bit weak due to some health problems, so writing a long report is difficult for me hahaha

As for what is story, now that the base of the potion system is finished, I've added two special events, one for Yui and another of Shizuka and Kaede, both are more or less extensive events for what has been LP so far, so I hope you enjoy them <3

As for the requirements to activate these events, you simply need the corresponding money for a growth potion (Whose value varies according to Clara's story progress) and two violet hearts either with Yui and with Shizuka (Kaede doesn't need hearts to participate in the event).

Half of the code has been completed so far, though I have decided to postpone the small expansion of the beach for the next update, since for the moment, it does not have too much importance and I prefer to save that time to concentrate on the present, since there is still a lot to test.

Finally, one fifth of the renders have been finished, not counting the postproduction required for some images and interface elements. The renders will be my focus from now on, in order to finish the update as soon as possible.

It is still difficult to give an exact date, due to the time needed to test everything, but it is very possible that it will be before the next progress report :)

Well, here we conclude this summary <3

As always, I send you a hug from afar and I wish you have a beautiful week.

See you soon with more news!

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Love this game, tysm for it!! Hope your health gets better, sending love your way!

my only request would be to be able to make some ladies a little thicccer :P  maybe a component of the potion system you are already implementing?


It is an interesting possibility :)

Hello, dev, which is your Ren'py version?


Wey, si necesitas descansar incluso sean meses, mejor que lo hagas para que estes bien, nadie te quiere ver muerto


no need to rush this masterpiece , your health is more important


Agree totally.


Hey Stawer, hope you're feeling better soon. Thanks again for the report, we really appreciate the transparency. Take care, and don't push yourself too hard.


Wait what does the growth potion do exactly??




Oohhhhhh ok



can't wait to use it on prim... oh wait