Progress Sneak Peek - August 29

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox

There's a lot of news to discuss today, so I think I'll have to use some images too xD

The first arc of the tournament is already completely structured and written, this includes cutting almost 500 lines of dialogue, so it won't be as long and even so, it's by far the biggest story event of Lucky Paradox so far, though there are still a ton of renderings to do.

During this first story arc, we get to meet Princess Masayoshi, without going into spoilers, let's just say she's a pretty unique girl:

Since in the tournament arc, both Masami, Yui, Shizuka, Kaede and Cassie play an important role, I've added a character profile for Masami in the Social Tab.

In her character profile, we will not only be able to read a summary of her personal history, but there will also be a short summary of the most relevant events of the tournament, as a memory aid for the story.

As for the Potions system, I think I have managed to reach an interesting middle ground, since my intention is that it is optional content, I wanted to think of a system that allows two ways: ignore the system completely (If you are not interested, but without removing the option) or reduce the grind (If you are interested in using the system).

For this I have added a new interaction with Sarah Grant, the mayor's secretary,

From now on, we will be able to talk to Sarah at the Museum at any time of the day to ask for information about "Projects" that need funding around Argleton, and she will tell us the money needed and where to find the person related.

Right now, there are two Projects available: "Expand the Argleton Hot Springs" and "Potion Shop", both of which can be done by talking to Clara.

When talking to Clara in the Baths, we will have the options of "Invest Money" to carry out Projects and Negotiate the available benefits, in the case of Potions, we can ask for the profits (150% of the initial cost) or a permanent discount on potions (66% discount), and if you have enough Charisma, a little of both (Recover 50% of the initial investment and a discount of 33%).

Doing the Project will also give us relationship points with Clara :)

Unlocking each potion will be a different Project, so for example, if you are interested in the "Shrink" potions and not in the "Growth" ones, you can ask for a discount for the first ones and the gains of the second ones, which would allow us to use the "Shrink" potions many times, without the need of extra grind. If you want discounts on both or gains on both (to buy costumes, for example), it will be up to the player to decide.

This also gives the opportunity to add more Projects in the future and give more options to the free mode, while reducing the grind and giving more importance to the player's choices.

Finally, the Potions store interface is finished.

For now, there will be three girls for the "Growth" potion, which are Yui, Shizuka and Kaede. Using the potion with a requirement of 2 Violet Hearts will unlock a special event only if there’s one available, an exclusive render and the options to see the girls with the potion active in the new Gallery.

The potion store has space for four potions and the "Growth" potion will be added in this update but the "Shrink" potion in the next one, so there will be two secret potions that may be revealed in the future and more girls will be added in each update, so they can use these potions.

And here we finish with the development summary <3

I hope you like the news and as always, I will be aware of your advice.

Before I say goodbye, I send you a hug from afar and I wish you have a beautiful week.

And see you soon with more news!

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This is a most interesting and original game. I look forward to updates, because the mystery of it is amazing!


Add headpats

Shrinking potion!? I'd be sure to destroy those if it were an option!

Your body's wide, well mine's too

I think you should add Heart, I would love to see her in the game 💪💪🔥


Seeing Kaedes reaction to Shizukas sudden growth will be interesting, as well as seeing the reaction from Kaede when her breasts are made smaller than Shizukas. That is if what I mentioned happens to be a thing or not

while reading the post, i first thought about: why would you need to let shrink yourself with a potion from Clara as before post was about money discounts and shares...? 

i mean there are some fetishes about like that, then saw the picture and visulized the girls and i finally knew what this was about to change XD


Sounds more interesting every day!

Let's goooooooooooooo