Progress Sneak Peek - August 15

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox

Time for changes and rethink some things I had planned, but as the saying goes, I think it's better to be safe than sorry, and well, the following update is quite ambitious ngl hahaha, so let's go by parts.

The first content update is always the most demanding in terms of planning, as it always sets the tone for what will come next throughout the development cycle.

The first thing is that I have had to plan the new locations that will be added to Argleton, as they are fundamental for the character content that will be added in the future, and they also help a lot to the town's atmosphere.

I would like to fill those empty spaces that still remain on the beach, where we can meet the beach houses of both Daisy and Celestine, with the intention that we can walk the beach completely from one side to the other, for example, we can walk from the pier to Gold Beach without having to go to the world map, although we can also go to the points on the map of the town, to go faster.

I've also been making tests and interface designs for what will be the potions system, those that will allow to increase/decrease the breasts of the girls (Yey!), since I must make an extra system just for this. And considering the large number of girls already in the game (plus those to come) and the possibilities of potions, I think I should think of a scalable system, to which more and more content will be added progressively, for which it is necessary a robust base on which to build, starting with some girls and only one of the options, to add more over time.

I also want it to be a totally optional feature, not permanent (for story reasons) and with exclusive content. Like the Halloween and Christmas events.

I admit that it has not been an easy job, and there is still some work to do (since I have concentrated my efforts in the story content), as soon as I have a playable base, you will be the first to see the previews of the system working.

And finally, what has taken me the most time to build, the story of the new update.

What comes next in the Bagliore's story is a Tournament arc, which was introduced superficially in version 0.8. During this story arc, it will bring together all the progress made with Yui, Shizuka and Kaede, to in turn, delve into a lot of concepts that have been mentioned so far, but we have not seen, such as the other families, their relationships, hierarchies and how they are all small pieces of something bigger.

But there is still a problem of structure....

So far I wanted to maintain a semi-freedom, where one can go "navigating" through Argleton and discovering its secrets, so the arcs are structured in a more dispersed way, in the form of small events that leave a small "break" between them, to do other things.

With the tournament arc, however, I have encountered a bottleneck, since by joining so many different plots and so many characters in a single plot point, maintaining this type of structure would result in something extremely chaotic.

To avoid this, I have decided to restructure the whole arc into a series of "Mega Events", and so instead of being a normal amount of events, we will have larger events, much longer than what has been seen so far, in order to maintain a clear and focused narrative line, and thus avoid the chaos of having so many characters involved.

The Tournament arc will be composed of five parts:

  • The Tournament Preparations
  • Four Families and their Eight Warriors
  • The Fall of the Dragon
  • Bloody Semifinals
  • Grand Finale

Thus, the structure of the new content covers both the story of Yui, Shizuka, Kaede and Cassie, plus new characters that will be introduced in this arc such as Masami Masayoshi and will also bring great consequences for the future of the Lucky Paradox story, at least as far as Yui's development is concerned.

Being extensive events, they will be introduced progressively in several updates depending on the length of each part, starting now with the Tournament of Preparations for the first of these. For the same reason it will have some requirements: to have completed the story of Yui, Shizuka and Kaede up to version 0.8.

I know that maybe now everything seems very confusing or weird, but I promise you that it will be quite fun, it might even become one of your favorite parts of the story.

And well, I think this post is getting too long and there's not much more to comment xD

As always, I send you a hug from afar and I wish you a beautiful week, remember to take care of your health <3

See you soon with more news!


Lucky Paradox 5 GB
Version 0.8.0a Aug 03, 2022
Lucky Paradox Android APK 1 GB
Version 0.8.0a Aug 03, 2022
Lucky Paradox 5 GB
Version 0.8.0a Aug 03, 2022
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Version 0.8.0a Aug 03, 2022
Lucky Paradox - Compressed 1 GB
Version 0.8.0a Aug 03, 2022

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La versión 0.8 me ha hecho replantearme la vida

So when is 0.8.1 going to have it's public release


Welp, im not huge fun of NFSW games and play that for story(tried even join to dev team but it was bad idea) xD yeah,ppl like me is real. So. Story not bad, game pretty funi,scenes,but ig in future why not to make various new poses and dialogues between them. Also after continuing the main story, you can add additional plots with the main characters in separate parts of the city.For example, a date that turned into a night walk in a forest park and having sex on the shore of a pond / lake. Also add plot forks there, where you can escape or continue with a chance of ending the scene and the escape of the main characters from other residents of the city or park guards.Well, or add a yuri scene in the same park or wherever (i think it should be fixed earlier, just gradually and carefully after the main events). Although i think you have enough new ideas, plans for story and game in a whole.  So cant wait future updates for read new sotrylanes ;-)


i love this game and also love how u treat the game and ur community, i rly would like to help more and not only sub to patreon, i would also help u with writing the text for characters or idk, thats just how much i appriciate the game and ur efforts !

Patreon is very helpful, as it allows me to keep developing the game day by day <3


I really think this game needs a muscle girl as a love interest (not Layla). Please 🙏 tell me if there is a change of that happening any time soon


As for more muscular girls, so far there is Celestine, Cassandra and soon Heart another one that I'm still debating whether to add or not, She is perhaps the biggest of the girls, but there is already too much content planned, and maybe I should cut a little, idk yet lol.


I can't wait to see how much muscular Heart will be. I am really looking into this content So I can't wait for her debut 💪💪💪😎


It sounds like you have a lot more planned for this game.  Here I was thinking 0.8 seemed close to a finished 1.0 game.  To be honest, I'm glad to read that you have more than expected planned.  Your game is solid thus far.  And I look forward to the future updates.


Storywise, there is still more than half of the story to go, as now come the biggest plot twists :)