Progress Sneak Peek - August 1

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox

First, the new Lucky Paradox update is now available, and for those who haven't played yet, you should do it right now! In fact, do not read this until you have played the last update, I’ll wait here xD Now, out of jokes, let's go with the post.

During the first of these weeks, I was finishing new features that were introduced to the game, such as the new Gallery and new interactions with Sarah in the museum.

From now on and with enough progress, it will be possible to change the name of the Barrie's at any time, just by talking to Sarah and opening a new registration.

the Art gallery has been introduced to the museum, where you will be able to see some fanarts made by the community (Thanks to Tomoe for the first 4 that were added).

By clicking on one of the pictures, you will be able to see the art in full size.

If you send me your fan art I could also add them to this Gallery, and even easier if you share it through the art channel on the Discord server or if you post it on twitter tagging me.

It has taken time to prepare for the public release, which, believe it or not, causes me a lot of stress and nervousness, especially minutes before (links must work fine and there are always new bugs appearing, among other things), but at least now it's one less thing to worry about.

The second week has been a bit chaotic, since my pet bunny (who is already quite old with more than 11 years), needed an urgent surgery and I had to dedicate three days to his care and see that his surgery evolved correctly.

For now, everything is going better than expected, but you never know with pets of his age.

Finally, as usual after public release, I have been building a sketch of everything that will be version 0.9, what kind of content it will have and what characters will receive additions to their story, for now I will add content for Liz, which will add a way to get depravity points since it is impossible for now, and an extension to Clara's story, which will serve as an introduction to the potions system (which alter breast size among other things).

I'm still not clear in what order I'm going to add the content for the main girls or in what form, although I think the most complex will be to add the story of Yui and the dragons, as I'm eager to add the Martial Arts Tournament, however, it is a bit extensive and I think I will have to add it completely it will take several updates, but I'm sure that those who enjoy the Dragons will enjoy even more the Tournament Arc.

About the story of the secondary girl in this update, I'm not sure either, there are many possibilities, so I'll have to decide for one soon xD

And that's all for this progress report :)

As always, I send you a big hug from afar and wish you a beautiful week.

See you soon with more news!

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Glad to hear your pet is doing well. Best wishes!

Changing breast sizes? God damnit, you know how to get me excited


Thanks as always for the report, Stawer. The new version is working well, I've finished up the main stories, now I'm just doing a little grinding to get some side stories up to date. Hope you're doing well.

Deleted 118 days ago

I suggest save editing. This will work on mobile too I think.

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it was added in 0.8.1 so it should be public soon. Original post is getting deleted btw