Progress Sneak Peek - July 18

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox

I have already started with the development of the next update of the game!

Before writing new story content with the continuation of Lucky Paradox, I wanted to stop to finish some pending details left from the remake (Version 0.6.5), since I didn't have enough time to finish everything I had in mind.

I had to prioritize the most important things, or the development would be eternal.

The most important of those features for me is the game gallery, known as the "Blue Firefly".

Until now the Gallery had not been modified because it served its purpose, but it also brought with it a number of problems: It was necessary to achieve quite a lot of progress before unlocking the Gallery, visually it was unattractive, the code was poorly optimized causing performance and visual problems, not to mention that it was not optimal if we think in amount of clicks needed to access the secondary characters.

In a nutshell, I rebuilt the Gallery from scratch, it took more than 200 images and a code made from scratch, but it was totally worth it.

Let's see an image to compare the results:

Now we will see the characters in a horizontal scroll, where we will see the main girls marked with a star, while for the secondary girls it's as easy as swiping, and you can see the profile.

As the Gallery from now on will be accessible much earlier, in the beginning the profiles of the characters will remain hidden, until you have achieved what is necessary to start their stories.

This way the presentation, besides being visually more elegant, with a bluish background representing the shade of Glow used, also makes it possible to access the profiles more directly and quickly, with buttons on the right designed for accessibility on phones. A space has also been left available in case the green Glow is added in the future, to see other types of scenes more relevant to the story.

The individual character profiles have also been recreated from scratch, this time with a better layout and new functionalities.

Let's see an example (Gallery censored to avoid problems lol):

In this box we can see a similar structure to the old one, this time the Pink Firefly was moved to the right, along with the "next button", to keep everything organized.

In the upper left corner, we can see two new boxes, the first one is to see Maxy with her casual clothes and the second one to see Maxy naked (this last one is unlocked when you get the character's measurements). I have also left enough space to see other variations in the future, like the potions of increase/decrease of breasts or the Furry form of each girl.

Another important improvement that has been added, are the hint boxes.

As you can see, each locked box has a text that serves as a guide on how to unlock the scene in question. This is an improvement made for players who like to unlock 100% of the content, and I think this will be very helpful for them.

The hints are quite simple and straightforward, although we can also find more detailed information in each character's profile.

And even though the code was made from scratch, they still maintain the backwards compatibility, so you don't have to worry about that (Save compatible).

The new Gallery also allows adding more characters in the future, besides being much lighter on resources, so it should improve optimization on older computers or phones.

Among other new features, I've been working with some smaller additions, such as the ability to rename the Barrie's, add a new board in the Argleton Museum with Fanarts from the game and a new "Cheat Mode", although I don't have this finalized yet, so I can't show more screenshots with the result.

Besides this, I've been fixing more and more bugs preparing the release of the public version, which should be available in less than 2 weeks :D

I hope you like all these new improvements as much as I do!

As always, I send you a hug from afar and wish you a beautiful week.

See you soon with more news!

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I've played this game in its very early stage. somewhere around 0.4 to 0.5 and I have to say that despite the long waiting I appreciate the quality over quantity. keep up the great work and hope to see more when I come back in a year. you're doing an amazing job :)

(Edit) the above isn't sarcasm btw, I see now that it can come off that way but don't worry its all genuine.

Almost every single new feature mentioned sounds awesome! There is one thing that was mentioned that isn't my particular cup of tea, but it can be overlooked since it's a personal taste issue.

All in all, can't wait for the update to launch. I've been wondering how much longer things were going to be in development, and the new features sound like it was worth the wait. 10/10 worth the wait!


the vertical half cut look was really aesthetically pleasing, but the new look probably fits in better with the new interface