Progress Sneak Peek - April 18

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox

I hope you had a happy Easter!!!

The development of the second part of version 0.8 (Aka 0.8B) is going better than expected, although I've only concentrated on working on new content for the story, although it will also include a lot of new features.

The new story content is already well underway, and while Prim and Yui's main content will be focused on story lore, Liz's new content will be focused on developing our relationship with her, as always, I don't like to give too many details about the story, so you can experience the new content on your own.

This update will also include a lot of new concepts to the game, which I have found fascinating and will help to know even more details about the background of the story in addition to making the Fitness attribute more useful, and despite being optional content,  it will be relevant to know the details that will be of importance.

Here we go with some new mechanics:

Some new artifacts will be included for the museum system that was introduced in version 0.8A, although they will work differently, since we must talk to Liz to get the necessary clues to obtain them. These Artifacts will be hidden in some locations of Argleton and once they are found it will be enough to click on that object to obtain it. The only requirement to unlock this new feature will be to make enough progress in Liz's main story. For the moment there will be few Artifacts, as I want to experiment and make sure that it is not too complex of a mechanic (i want to keep it simple, but still interesting).

The second new feature includes a way to get automatic progress in the Fitness attribute, similar to what happens with the library books, but with some changes to make it consistent.

Once we get enough progress in Yui's story, we will be able to access some heavy armbands that we will wear equipped automatically. These armbands range from 10 pounds (4.54 kg) to 100 pounds (45.36 kg), like the weights used by Goku in Dragon Ball for his workouts.

Our Fitness will increase automatically until it reaches a limit, in which case we must talk to Kaede to give us even heavier armbands and continue with our training. For example: The 10-pound armbands will help us to climb from 0 to 100 Fitness, but if we want to progress from 100 to 200, we must use the 20-pound armbands.

This gain of attributes goes parallel to the gain of books, so we can increase both fitness and an “intellectual” attribute with the help of books daily. And unlike the books, the bracelets do not have a weekly bonus and have a graduated progress; this means that the lower our Fitness is, the faster it will increase, but as we reach the upper limit allowed by that bracelet, the daily progress will decrease. This is intended to make it more realistic, as the body gets used to a physical demand. This gradual progress restarts as the weight of the bracelets increases.

Why did I decide to make this change?

Now comes the most important thing, and that is that Fitness will serve to unlock two important new features for the story, and I wanted to add a method that would facilitate the progress of this attribute without forcing the player to need to train Fitness day after day. Although this option is there and is cumulative with the progress achieved by the bracelets, I was even thinking of increasing the Fitness gain by training with Layla or Yui and wearing the equipped bracelets, but I still need to test in code and motion the functionality of this.

What content will it unlock?

If you've followed Yui's story so far, you know that climbing the Shoguyama is a significant part of becoming the Black Dragon, it's the ultimate test and also serves as an endurance test, but more importantly it's the only place where you can talk to the Mayor of Argleton directly. 

From now on, being inside the Shogukuni we will be able to perform a new action: Try to climb the Shoguyama. If we reach the top and have managed to win Johan's favor through Mary's story, then we will be able to reach Johan and ask one question a day. The type of question we will be able to ask will depend on the progress made during the game, if there are no questions available to ask, Johan will not appear.

As our goal (for the moment), is to climb the Shoguyama to talk to Johan and not as the second test of the Black Dragon, we will not need to carry the heavy stone that includes that test (It will be less difficult), but that does not mean it will be an easy task, so we will need to have enough Fitness to climb the hundreds of steps of the Shoguyama.

The second content to unlock will be introduced in the future, in what is perhaps the greatest secondary storyline of all and that I debated with myself for a long time whether it should be included or not, because of the complexity of it, but it has simply seemed so much fun that I could not resist.

By this, I mean adding a martial arts tournament.

In the world of Lucky Paradox, we have been getting to know the Bagliore family and their customs and traditions, but we have never seen the reason for their "culture", this is due to the “ecosystem” where the four most relevant families for the story move. We even know the Bagliore's and heard mention of the Gasparo's, but we have yet to introduce two more families, and I wanted to have a story arc that encompasses all of this and give it the depth it deserves.

This martial arts tournament will involve two members of each of the families, separated into two blocks A and B, with one member of each family in each block and their opponent chosen at random. This is a composition so that two members of the same family can only meet in the final round and not in the first or second round.

As so far, we have only trained with the Red and Blue Dragon, but not fought directly, and here will be the first opportunity to see everyone in action, and the player will also be able to participate in this tournament, so having a high Fitness and a training arc are necessary (Like Rocky).

As always it will be optional content and not mandatory, but it will be of utmost importance in the story of Yui, Kaede and Shizuka.

There is really a lot to tell, and I don't want to make this post eternal, hahaha!

But during this update, you will know the details in question.

I send you a big hug from afar and also wish you a beautiful week.

See you soon with more news!

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Although Layla's story already had an update recently, I have been fascinated with that character, by far my favorite, I loved the vision of the future with her, maybe in some future update you could delve deeper into the future with each character, or even a courtship option if that is the case.

For my part I will continue to wait for updates for Layla :p

These are some changes, man. I like it, especially the whole tournament idea. Really ambitious plans, and I like the idea of having a mean to contact the freaking mayor, the most mysterious character of them all (besides that weirdo Kamen Rainor... just as mysterious and freaky). This was a major spoiler for me because I didn't play the recent update since I'm debating whether to bear with the severe limitations of my phone or try to test the game on my laptop, but I didn't know that the mayor could be reached in a physical place inside Argleton due to the whole Machine deal, so I always thought Johan was out of reach unless he was the one trying to reach someone.

looking forward to it sounds great :d


Can't wait for it !! Thanks for your hard work :)

Quite an undertaking indeed! Thanks for all your updates on your progress and ideas. Looking forward to it!


Thanks for ur hard work

I was already looking forward to the update but the mention of being able to ask Johan questions has made me more eager than ever! I'm so curious about the questions we'll ask, his answers, MC's reactions and especially anything Sasha might have to say about what we learn.

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The wait is becoming torturous.  Thanks for everything you do.  The fitness details sound exciting.  In my own game, fitness is already maxed and waiting for the next update, but newer players are sure to enjoy the new way of leveling it!  How much longer do you think it's going to be before the next update arrives, Stawer?


May/June, im working really hard to finish it, but is a ton of things to do :(

same time as the other game I'm looking forward to :)))

may/june is gonna be lit