Progress Sneak Peek - September 20

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox!

This has been a week of hard work, progress and learning, although the latter being more of a self-criticism to myself, but as Jack the Ripper used to say; Let's go by parts.

The most significant progress this week has been in the area of the art of the new update. At the beginning of last week, I had calculated that the amount of images missing to complete the update would be approximately 350, but it has turned out to be more than 500 images, some quite complex, so it has taken me more time than I had thought, however, all the artwork needed for the update is already done, with some additions here and there for some secondary activities.

This also includes the animations that will be added, which as in the previous Alpha version, will be in better quality.

The programming is at 70% at the time of writing this post and there is still the testing phase, which always takes a relative amount of time, as sometimes there are many things to correct. During today and tomorrow, and with the help of a lot of coffee, I think I will be able to complete the code needed for the launch. I also need to fine fix some small details, but nothing that too difficult, at least in theory hahaha

Personally I think that the next Alpha should be released by Wednesday/Thursday of this week at the latest, and if I'm lucky a little earlier.

And about the self-criticism I mentioned at the beginning, there's a part of me as a developer... that tend to be too ambitious... I had promised to release updates faster after the Enhanced Edition, but when it comes to the planning phase, maybe underestimating too much the time and effort it will take to add everything I have planned... As expected, this causes some delays, or I am forced to cut a large part of the content I had initially planned to add... An example of this was the first version of the 0.7, the content that got to be finished was only 40% of what I had originally planned to add (I was missing a lot of content from Shizuka, Yui and especially Kaede, who had a full character arc to develop).

Somehow, I had the intention of adding more than 4 hours of content, but in reality it was impossible in so little time frame, and it's something that has happened to me in this second part too, not even working non-stop during these last two weeks I couldn't meet the expectation I set myself... I wanted to apologize for this, and I promise I will improve, I'm sorry if I haven't managed to meet the time expectations, but I will work hard to fix this.

I hope you can enjoy the new content soon, as much as I enjoyed working on it :)

I'm possibly taking a day off this week, as it's my birthday today, but for now I want to focus on finishing the update first.

Thank you for being a beautiful community and I wish you a beautiful week <3

And see you soon with more updates!

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Will there be a walkthrough in the future 


Happy Birthday!

Não tenha pressa, pare descanse um pouco. Tente fazer metas que não exija de você. Lembre um jogo não precisa ser prefeito de primeira, foque em pequenas  atualizações e correções e quando achar que é preciso fazer uma nova versão você terá mais tranquilidade para construir essas novas ideias. 

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, you keep to a schedule better than most, take a break.

Happy Birthday! Rock onnn

Feliz aniversário 😘🎂


Happy birthday 🥳🎂 :)


Happy Birthday Stawer! 


Thank you for your kind words <3


Happy Birthday!!!


first off: happy birthday

second: "...and if I'm lucky a little earlier." - well whats the naame of the game again? XD just joking, keep up the work mister :D


Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday!