Progress Sneak Peek - V0.6.5

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox!

As I said last time I have been working a lot on the super technical update of Lucky Paradox.

A lot of the feedback I have got so far, is that sometimes you can feel lost in the story, you don't remember some details, the hints that tell you what to do can be very vague, you don't know if there is still content to be unlocked among other things that need to be improved. However, to make all these improvements there must be a very drastic change and that also requires a lot of work, but I think these are things that need to be improved.

But what if in addition to fixing those things... You also add more possibilities?

Well... In short I decided to destroy the whole Lucky Paradox interface and make a completely new one...

Timmy: This is Madness!

Stawer: This is Sparta!

But no jokes from now on, let's get down to the details.

First, the interface, making it cleaner and with the intention of reaching relevant information with the least amount of clicks (we have to increase the lifespan of the little mice).

The images showing the moments of the day are now much clearer than before. They are no longer just colours but are represented with the position of the sun and sky tone, as well as being bigger (That what she said!) and have a text to confirm it.

Below, a small box has been added that shows the month, the number of the day and the day of the week in a summarized way. This is to save as much space as possible.

Now there is a new button... Remember the calendar system?

As my intention is to add birthdays, Christmas, holidays, contests and other things in the future... An extra tab has been added where we see the days of the month (there should be icons on the important days) and a box that gives a summary of all the activities (this still needs to be filled in).

However, adjusting the days for each month separately, considering leap years and adjusting end of the month days like Halloween or New Year, were a headache...

In the end I concluded to break all the logic and create a calendar system similar to reality, but at the same time different.

Prepare yourselves cause this is gonna be rough.

What would make it easier to coordinate the weeks would be perfect months, so four weeks and 7 days at the same time. Each month starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday. Something like transforming every month into February.

Timmy: But Mr. Stawer... If each month has only 28 days and we multiply it by the number of months... Then that results in 336 days and that could have consequences in future events... It would also give a lot of work to astrologers and horoscope writers.

Stawer: That has a very easy solution... Just hack the time.

Timmy: Hack the time?

Stawer: I'll add a new month... If there are thirteen 28-day months, then we'll have 364 days. That way Christmas will be during the twelfth month, while New Year's would be at the end of the thirteenth.

Although for now there is the problem of having a name for that thirteenth month. I'm open to suggestions haha…

The button icons have been changed to better represent their usefulness. And the profile tab has been separated from the relationship tab.

The new profile tab is different in order. Now the numbers and letters are bigger and there is a perks tab, where we will get new bonuses to unlock new content or get some more bonuses. It will also be possible to change the MC's name by clicking on the name and typing a new one. Also a "Cheat" button will be added to have an absurd amount of stats and money that will be available only for Patreons (It will be added for the Candidate versions onwards).

In the relationships tab we will have all the characters we can find in LP. The characters that have a romantic path represent their relationship with hearts, while others, like the turtle John Silver, are represented with stars. There is no longer a distinction between a main and secondary girl, but every inhabitant of Argleton has something to add to the experience. The characters are sorted according to the level of relationship we have with them so that we can access the characters we are interested in more quickly.

The new relations interface has been made from scratch. Now more information is shown in the upper corner, such as weight, size and other things. This information will have to be obtained through conversations (if we have high charisma or subtlety) or deduced (through knowledge).

The red hearts represent the old relationship level, but has been renamed as "love points", which will serve for secondary interactions such as petting, hugging or kissing and have been added the purple hearts "depravity points", the latter will be very relevant to unlock new content but focused on something else (If you know what I mean).

The box under the hearts are the new clues to progress in the story. For now, there is nothing, as the beginning of the story is in the process of being rewritten. But now they are much more detailed, indicating place, time of day or interaction needed.

Below in the "Story" box will be a summary of the story we have gone through with that character. In the beginning it will be a simple background and will be expanded as the character's main story progresses.

In the box on the right we have three more tabs:

- Events: Displays secondary activities that unlock new content. Like charisma events, shower events and other things. Also, special events like birthdays, Christmas, etc... will be added in future updates.

- Perks: We will gain bonuses with each character according to our relationship level or new activities. These bonuses can be things like increasing waiter earnings (Prim’s case) or unlocking threesomes (If there are enough depravity points). In case of secondary characters it can be a reduction in the price of the costumes (In the case of Kendra).

- Costume: We can see the costumes that we have unlocked for each character and when we click on it we can see a preview of the character wearing the costume. This way we will know how many costumes we still have to unlock.

Everything looks cooler now!

The other interface elements have received a visual redesign only. So I've only highlighted what has been changed in this post, otherwise it will take forever xD

And that's it for today.

As always, I will be looking forward to your opinions to improve as much as possible.

I wish you a great week!

Have a beautiful day!

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Man I am so looking forward to this update. I am so enjoying this game! I am only on day 75 and already sad that I have finished Layla's story :( She was feisty, but an amazing character. And now Max has gone too! there will be no-one left, soon!  But I hope others will stay on for a while yet. Anyway, I would definitely be willing to pay for and update, definitely. It has so much content in it so far. I hope Layla will be in the next update. When will the new version (0.6.5) be available for us mere mortals? Two things I would ask please (if possible,) One, can you keep in the option to be able to increase the text size and my poor eyes find the original text small (I have really bad eyes and cannot see out of them very well (I am getting really old (51 in November,) and two, would it be possible, please to be able to add in a text colour change? I find the white text really hard to read a lot of the time and would love to be able to darken it. Just think of us old fogies with bad eyes. Thank you!

bro, sorry if u already explained this but, how can i update it all without losing my progress?

save the progress in other part uwu

any tutorial?, im a dumbass lol

You're a madman and I have nothing but respect for you for going through such an undertaking. This is really bold. Good work.

Nice Job Stawer <3

there's gonna be a 4th wall break when discussing the thirteenth month in game isn't there


In summary, the objective of this super update is but one: HACK THE PLANET!!!

I feel VERY old after making this reference but... whatever. Now that you've explained a bit more (and by "a bit" I mean a whole hecking lot more) about what's coming in 6.5, I'll just wait for it. I was going to play 0.6 but since 6.5 will also bring a "new" (or changed) beginning in the game, I just feel like playing it from the start. And I also imagine that it'll be safer save-wise to do that, since there's the whole "I destroyed LP's UI and re-made it" deal. Your game is worth the wait and the time to play through again, Stawer. Outstanding work so far and this super update just gives that nice gust of fresh air before you keep going. I'm eager to see 6.5 coming to life.


good job guys i cant wait for new version...i restart the full game and i finish it today at morning...very nice how u are going with the story and all the girls....well done and keep the good work up