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Is impregnation and pregnancy planned to be in the game in the future? I ask this because I enjoy it and Yui acts as if she wants it.


Hey dude. Loading a save, from version 0.7.5, the errors below appear. After ignoring it, several other errors appear and in the end I am taken to the name selection screen.


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in script

    $ ui.interact()

  File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in <module>

    $ ui.interact()

  File "renpy/common/00action_file.rpy", line 462, in __call__


Exception: Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in script

    $ ui.interact()

  File "renpy/", line 928, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,

  File "renpy/", line 2245, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in <module>

    $ ui.interact()

  File "renpy/", line 298, in interact

    rv =, **kwargs)

  File "renpy/display/", line 3315, in interact

    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, pause=pause, pause_start=pause_start, **kwargs)

  File "renpy/display/", line 4155, in interact_core

    rv = root_widget.event(ev, x, y, 0)

  File "renpy/display/", line 1100, in event

    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)

  File "renpy/display/", line 48, in event

    return self.new_widget.event(ev, x, y, st) # E1101

  File "renpy/display/", line 1100, in event

    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)

  File "renpy/display/", line 1100, in event

    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)

  File "renpy/display/", line 727, in event

    rv = self.child.event(ev, x, y, st)

  File "renpy/display/", line 1100, in event

    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)

  File "renpy/display/", line 1100, in event

    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)

  File "renpy/display/", line 1100, in event

    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)

  File "renpy/display/", line 979, in event

    return handle_click(self.clicked)

  File "renpy/display/", line 914, in handle_click

    rv = run(action)

  File "renpy/display/", line 322, in run

    new_rv = run(i, *args, **kwargs)

  File "renpy/display/", line 329, in run

    return action(*args, **kwargs)

  File "renpy/common/00action_file.rpy", line 462, in __call__


  File "renpy/", line 771, in load

    log.unfreeze(roots, label="_after_load")

  File "renpy/", line 2200, in unfreeze

    self.rollback(0, force=True, label=label, greedy=greedy, on_load=True)

  File "renpy/", line 2014, in rollback


  File "renpy/", line 1932, in load_failed

    raise Exception("Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?")

Exception: Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?



Lucky Paradox v0.8.0

Sun Jul 31 10:24:11 2022


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how do i update the game without losing my record?

if you are on windows your saves will carry over so you should be good. On android you need to back up your saves first then uninstall the old version and install the new one and add your saves back 

got it, thank u so much

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Hi Stawer! After updating the game version in Android to 0.8.0, the game started to close abruptly at random between one dialog and another. I'm an old fan btw, love your work! 

ok after download i use my deamon tools to open it then copy then past the files when copying it it stops at images.rpa what am i doin wrong this is the first time i have had any problems . 


Itch is reccommeding me more and more better ero games after HH. Skipped the patreon but threw a 'donation' in via Itch. This one is fun! 


Glad you enjoyed it!

In the gallery l have some scenes that are locked but l dont now how to get them because it dosent say how to unlock.

Which scenes are you missing? Some you have to interact around the world and different activities. Yui has a beach activity at noon along with prim and Charlotte have a shower scene during the morning while Maxy and Mary at the evenings 

Im not sure what secens im missing because it dosent say, alot of the locked ones are in the middle of all the scenes.

A lot could be the trainings. Check their profiles to see if any of the practice events are still available. Some can be shower scenes too

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Two things,
One I really appreciate the fact that you are a Kamen Rider fan (as am I) lol I realized it before but it was def even more prominent when I noticed the default detective name was Double nice touch haha

secondly I have this last Yui event that ties in with Charlotte (iirc) but I have no idea how to trigger it unless its not in the game yet? 

make sure you have progressed with yui and Charlotte first. It will trigger when you are working so make sure yui isn’t working for you. If it says work in progress for that event then you saw it already 

I dont think so, I have one single missing scene from the Yui page in the room where you can see unlocked scenes. I think around the time I unlocked it was around the time an event came up and I might have glitched it somehow. No biggie. 

Were can l find the gallery on Android.

It should be an icon at the bottom corner in your room 

how can i trigger this event? I went to the room there at night but nothing happened

Is it December? Keep playing until the next month and it should be available then 


you are welcome!

yay update! :-D

itch still says only pay with paypal.

No pay with CC :-(

Guess I'll just d/l it for free....

Thanks for making it!


How do i update the folder game with the new version?

If you are using the itch launcher right click it to search for an update and then let it update. 

In windows put the file in a new folder and extract it.

Android back up your saves first the uninstall the previous version then install the new version. Then add your saves back. 

Es parte de mi vida se llama felicidad xd


Waiting for the update <3

Will the update be released tomorrow?

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wow this game is addictive I play this for hrs

While I really enjoyed the character design and scenes, last time I tried this game out the English translation was painfully immersion breaking.   Has it improved any in the past year or so?

Hi, quick question. It says I have the "Best Match" event available. How do I start it? BTW Love all the Kamen Rider references. Gatakiriba surprised me lol. Even the Build reference with this event.

The one for yui and Charlotte make sure you have progressed yui and Charlotte enough first. It will start while you are working so make sure you don’t have yui working for you. Also if it says work in progress then you saw everything but if it says available then there is more to see 

Thank you. I appreciate it!

you are welcome!


My brother in Christ, did you really have to hit me with that "Life of Brian" reference? 

Is this game suppose to be full screen or not? If yes then i guess my phone have a problem on the game look. Can you guys help me fix this?

Deleted 123 days ago

They will have more content :)


Wow!, i really like this, i like it, idk why.

ill be waiting for more. nice work!

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Hmm... This game is not saving in default RenPy saves location? That's a little bit sad - because I've made a SymbolicLink to the OneDrive folder for whole RenPy save folder - and for this game will have to do the same manually - and that means that I'll have to do more management - because it's installation folder of the game - which can change on reinstalls and stuff... :( 
(Symbolic Link is a type of a shortcut - which makes a parallel linking of folder. Meaning - that in my scenario - if I navigate from the appdata folder into the RenPy and then even in subfolders - the address bar says that I am still under the appdata folder - even if my actual location is E:\OneDrive\SymbolicLinkRootFolder\SavesVirtualFolders\RenPy\ therefor applications do not see that something is off - because address under %appdata% still works as if the folder is actually there even when not :) )

Like I have this setup:

Push-Location 'C:\'
New-Item -Type SymbolicLink -Path 'SavesVirtualFolders' -Target 'E:\OneDrive\SymbolicLinkRootFolder\SavesVirtualFolders'
Push-Location '%appdata%'
New-Item -Type SymbolicLink -Path 'RenPy' -Target 'C:\SavesVirtualFolders\RenPy\'


i am not sure with one drive folders but saves on windows will be in app data- renpy- lucky Paradox folder. That’s where all your saves are stored and allows them to carry over to the next update. 

Actually, not.. but:
C:\Itch Games\lucky-paradox\Lucky_Paradox-v0.7.5-pc\game\saves... But yeah, made already symbolic link, it's just a little nuisance that this game requires other manual linking.
But now it works perfectly fine - and saves are for me in sync with OneDrive (kinda feels like cloud save :D )

hmm... actually in your said folder there are also saves... weird.. But those saves are not the same that currently game sees..

Ok.. it seems that both folders have same content (probably  because the first time I messed up the symlink and therefor it didn't saw the save on first load So I guess - I can remove my override symlink and just use the RenPy default one (which I fixed already)...

For the shizuka christmas event what do i need? Also, the tea party with clara is bugged, the time not pass when you do it.

For the Christmas event you just need progress with yui, kaede, and Shizuka. You need to be in December to start it and check the calendar for the Christmas events when you are in the month 

arigato gozaimasu :3

You are welcome!

Deleted 134 days ago


how can i get the last gallery entry with shizuka, im struggling to get it or find it

It is from the Christmas event this a free game? 

2. Is there impregnation?

Deleted 121 days ago

Well to answer, the public version is free. There isn’t a VR version that I’m aware of and impregnation isn’t in the game currently. Though you can finish inside if that is what you are asking 

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I just downloaded the game in android but i think i downloaded the wrong version of the game because when i check the version of the game it says 0.7.0 version but the download link say 0.7.5 im so confused

Does it say that in the main menu? 0.7.5 has the Christmas event so if you’ve seen it then you should be ok

will alice in kamen reinor (i think i butchored that) be interactable other than buying items

Whens 7.6?


Guys how do I defeat or find a way to defeat kaede

Go to the Shogukuni at evenings. Upstairs talk to kaede and click the training activity and you will start your lessons with her XD 

So I just do it again and again?

Yes. Continue to train with kaede on the training activity and once you beat her you will be able to do the next challenge. There is a lot of story to learn from kaede as well

How many hours of content is there? 


It can depend on how fast you read but at least 10+ hours maybe longer with the side content and buying all the costumes 

I haven’t started but have been reading all comments and all updates.  It seems like it will have tons of hours.  I was thinking 20+ hours.  Thanks for the answer though.  Appreciate it. 

You are welcome! Yeah just go at your own pace as there is a lot to see. I think the last run I did took me a few days XD so just depends on the person but there is tons of hours of content to go through. If you need any help don’t be afraid to ask!


Anyone got a fully completed profile save i can download 👌😁

Nah bro there are some things some haven't unlocked at all

What are you missing?

Any public release date?

So far, not yet. All of us are currently waiting for the moment. They said it's this July, but no exact date.


July 29


Nice, I will wait heheheh

I look forward for the next update, especially with the girls. Well made <3


Still waiting for 0.8


You're not alone hahaha.

downloaded the 4g Mac version and when I try to run it I get a notification that it can't be opened.

you can bypas it. on windows it has an option labeled "...more" (forgot first word) and then an option pops up to run aways. dont know what it looks like on mac tho

If it's the security error about not opening unsigned applications, you can allow the app to run anyway but it's a little more complicated than the Windows method. Thankfully you only have to do it once. Immediately upon closing the error message, go to System Preferences, and then the Security & Privacy tab. At the bottom of the window will be a message about blocking the unsigned app you just tried to launch and a button to run it anyway. Click the button and it will pop up a confirmation dialog where you'll have to enter your system password. Once done the first time, the game will run every time afterward, at least until you download a new version. MacOS sees each new version as a different app.

No, It's just a "this cannot be opened" with the Finder icon over it

Hmm. Is this error on unzipping the download, or on trying to launch the app after unzipping?

So I just downloadded the current Mac versions, and it wouldn't unzip when double-clicked in the Finder. I used a third-party app called The Unarchiver and that unzipped the downloaded file fine. I think perhaps whatever utility was used to zip the game for Itch did something a little non-standard and MacOS's built-in zip tool couldn't understand the file. If this is the problem you're having, try using The Unarchiver ( ). It's free, well-known, and also available from the App Store if you prefer getting your apps that way.

To solve nearly all of your problems on Mac... download the Itch app and install most of your games from there instead. 

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Stawer, tengo creo lo que es un Bug no jugaba desde la versión 0.4.0 y volví a descargar el juego, fui a la carpeta "saves" y moví mi partida guardada de la versión 0.4.0 a la carpeta "saves" pero de la 0.7.5 sucede que las chicas no me aparecen en listado, me salió un mensaje de haber desbloqueado ropa para yui en la tienda pero no me aparece nada, solo el menu sin opciónes ¿que puede estar sucediendo?

El listado de personajes vacío, solo aparece luna

La tienda igualmente vacía aunque ya desbloquee atuendos 

(1 edit)

Cualquier guardado de antes de la versión 0.6.5 no funcionará porque una gran actualización ocurrió en la 0.6.5. Tendrás que empezar de nuevo o hay un contenido de guardado hasta la 0.6.5 en el servidor de discord si quieres


Amazing game!

All those references, memes, clearly you can see the personal passion on it, not just a generic stuff, really lucky to find this game at the recommended list!

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