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Sorry when the new update comes out as I pass my data from the current version to the new version

Where do the save files end up on android

Currently with the public version it is Android > data > Lucky paradox > Files > Saves

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This game only need one thing. It's "Cheat Code". Cheat code will be helpful for players that accidentally deleted their game or if they switched their phone. If they start the game from beginning again (only if they finished current content in their old phone or before uninstalling the app) then it will become total burnout. A simple cheat codes will be helpful for players like this. 

By the way, My favourite girl is Charlotte.

if you need a save you can always get one from the discord server. Always make sure to back up your saves if you are playing on android 

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Okay but I need help. In discord where you can find the save file? I searched it on discord but I can't find it.

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I meant in which discord section? I already joined the discord server but I can't find it.. I am asking the save file because I am literally in this situation right now. I finished the current contents but I had to change the phone. Now I am lazy to play this game but I wanted to play...

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It is in the bugs and help section 


So I have purchased 4 gifts, just recently I was told a new gift was available for maxi, but when I go to the store nothing is there. Is this a bug? 

Maybe. There should be only 2 gifts for Maxy: the pet leash and kitten guitar

is the full game gonna be for patreons only?

First it is exclusive to Patreons and then it goes free :)


Just as a head's up I have an M1 Mac and the newest version (0.8.0.a) seems to be unable to open.  When I get information on it the computer thinks it is an Intel only application.


For some reason it keeps saying "app not installed" (android) any fix?

Try to uninstall older version keeping your save file and reinstall it

Not sure if this has been asked before but what 3d modeling software did you use to make this game?

Oigan, ¿Alguien me explica porque el atractivo disminuye en vez de aumentar? Ahorita mismo tengo -2 y no tengo idea de porque pasa eso.

El atractivo disminuye con el paso del tiempo, darte una ducha te lo restaura a 20 temporalmente. Si te haces cortes aumenta permanentemente.

de hecho, me hice un peinado y aumentó 40, pero no me dijo que fuera permanente, solo cuando lo desbloqueaba con las chicas es que me aumentaba peroamente, pero solo 4 puntos


"Fetishes that will never be included: NTR."

My computer is tellling me it's a virus and not a game so it don't want to load it, anybody else having that issue? 

If you click on the links here on the itch page to the game it should be fine. Don’t click any links to the bots that show up occasionally in the comments


I figured out it's saying that because the "made by" or "published by" section in the file or code or whatever it's called is blank so my computer thinks it's a virus cuz other games do that too if they're left blank in that section. but also cuz i scanned my entire games folder and anti-virus said it's fine so i poked around and found out that's the issue. 


Hi dev pregnancy is in your plans?






After getting very far in the game.. i hope so. the plot needs it. 


Bruh, this writing is way too good for a porn game, you need to chill, im actually just playing for the plot now

I want to ask is there a stat max cap

999 for all



I very much like the game so far... Intresting story and lots of storylines to follow. Thanks to the maker! Can't wait for the new content to come out... keep up the good work!


Why do I get this error in most games?

Just rollback or ignore all time and this is gonna crash and let you play next time

Is caused by an unexpected action in the game, and its normal

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what version is the game at on patreon?

Deleted 11 days ago

Could someone tell me what application they make the games with? I want to start on this game thing but I already asked but no one answered me help.


for creating the characters its usually honeyselect or something similar, for the actual coding portion (scene set up, day night cycle) i beleive most devs use renpy, could be wrong here though.


this is definitely made with renpy

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The game its not installing in the actually version of Android apk

How the hell do u get the purple hearts

Typically doing lewd scenes. Some characters gain them more frequently like Maxy


oh ok thanks for then help


Pls NTR 😭🙏


I love NTR 😭🙏


Apparently someone didn't read the full description. The dev has explicitly stated, and I'm quoting here "Fetishes that will never be included: NTR."

Scroll up just a bit and you can see this for yourself.

Bro if you love NTR then go play other games that have NTR


Happy new year 


Happy New Year, Stawer! 🥳


I was really enjoying this game, despite some continuity issues in the stories of a few different girls, then I get to the part where Johan and Sasha are arguing and the game just shuts down. I'm guessing that was supposed to happen, but without warning?! I hadn't saved in almost 4 hours and lost all that progress. I don't take losing all that kind of progress easily, and honestly it just makes me not want to go back to the game at all. Yes I know not saving was my fault, but if you're going to have that kind of mechanic, then it should at least create and auto-save so you can go back to it after. The game is good, but I'm afraid it'll be some time before I come back to it, if at all. That kind of thing is extremely frustrating, and I had to take the time to calm down before posting this, because I didn't want to come in and be an absolute a$$hole about the hard work you've put in. I wish you the best of luck in the future, but I think I'm just going to move on from this game.


When that event happens an auto save is automatically created in the first spot. When you load the game again you can either manually load it or hit the continue button and that auto save will load and you will be back where you left off


I had hoped that would be the case, but it didn't happen that way. I literally lost those 4 hours I played.


If you click load then at the bottom where the number of pages are click the “A” which is where the auto saves are and try there


Yo, Android version Crashes. Alot. Ive got a newer phone so I dont think its on my end. Anyways, Great game! Goodjob!

Ya same lol..


Will this game have a proper harem ending?

I don't want to have to just choose a single heroine here... that's honestly kind of a huge turn off.

I don't really think so myself, but the plot kind of has this timespace multiplicity anyway so you can probably be in a proper harem in your own perception of everything, but the girls would be in a monogamous relationship with you on their own end

...That would be weird. Yeah. A proper harem would be best.


I like the game

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You dont need to grind stats for the scenes. All the scenes are mainly from the main story or from training events. Some can be shower events too

Deleted 14 days ago

Uh not sure what you mean. You literally dont need to grind stats for scenes like I said. Interact with the girls and follow the main story. Each of the main girls have training events you can do. Their profiles will say if they are available or not 

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Stop being an asshole


Why do you need cheats if save editor exists?...

Does it apply to androids?

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It applyes to everything as long as you have access to save files. If you are using apk version of the game save files usualy can be found in "Andoid/data" directory, in game's folder. If your android is 11 or higher you will need file manager that can give you access to "android/data" directory (for that purpose I usualy use ZArchiever, as it is not only good archiever, but also great file manager). If you are using JoiPlay emulator things are much easyer - saves are in the folder with game.

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Now Im curious as hell, what is that calculator you are playing on if you do not have access to save files for RenPy games? 😁

Deleted 14 days ago

I guess you could edit your save file? The grind you speak of is actually passive unless you are wasting your time repeating actions so it doesn't fit the description of a grind

Deleted 14 days ago

Does it have cheats?

In the public version no

In the midst of a new update, will the saves be preserve or corrupted. Or deleting old game in order for the said update?

As long as your save is not from before version 0.6.5 you will be ok. Anything from version 0.6.5 or after will be good. Just make sure to back up your saves on android first if you are playing on it

My saves are 0.7.0 is is good to go?

Yes you should be good XD 

I need the DEVs help, ive asked once in the past and didnt get a good answer, but im currently stuck/bugged. Im unable to move forward with what I have left to do in the game (mainly Prim and Sasha's stories) as im unable to trigger the picnic event with Prim. Im supposedly supposed to go to her room during the evening to go on a picnic with her, but doing so doesnt trigger the event and none of the vhat choices do either. This also makes me unable to progress with Sasha because I'm supposed to move further forward with Prim to continue with Sasha. Any help would be appreciated.

Go to Prim’s room during the evening and when you talk to her in her options choose “activity” and only during the evenings will there be a picnic option there

I've tried, it isnt there. Infact, theres no activity section at all. 


How do i extract for android because when i try to do it it jist puts everything in images and is a pain to remove


Very good game, leaving aside the sexual aspect, it is a very entertaining game, congratulations, I hope it continues to be developed


is there any ntr? i love ntr :)


Nope. No ntr ever

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Wise words

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It’s a joke btw

or is it?

Down with ntr down with femboys! Lol

To hell with ntr!

Hey ! I'm just starting. What are the purple hearts ?

Ok, i just guessed it


The Purple Hearts are for depravity scenes. You need at least 2 

What's the maximum stat ? I'm trying to max out but it seems like 100 isn't. 


The highest a stat goes is 999

Discord link doesn't work, could you send another one? I really want to enter :)


Really? Hmm. Even when you click the “join the community” button? It worked for me but try here

Yeah I tried both. This one says "the invite link is invalid or has expired" :(. I guess another link has to be generated 

Hmm ok. Maybe try this one

No... It's also invalid or expired, I'm sad :(

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Try this one


Very good, wow. Fantastic work.

How do I unlock Charlotte, I've done a lot of things, but I can no longer evolve after masturbating her


To start Charlotte you need to visit the Yorokobi which is one of the restaurants on your map Prim tells you about. Then continue her main story and make sure to do her training events as those have events too

You a pokemon how does one evolve?


Is there any incest content?






The game crashed for me when I opened Anton's room door myself & Sasha & Johan showing up talking to me. After it crashed, I just kept passing the days until the MC gets mad & says how he shouldn't be there & hasn't crashed yet.


That crash is intentional xD its part of the story and just continue playing and you should be good


Intentional? Don't see that in games.


Its also a popular feature of fnaf 4 and 1 after nightmare or golden Freddy's jumpscare


I never played those.


There are plenty of games out there that crash intentionally, usually story related. (i.e. the character has power outside of his game/world). Some examples of this are Undertale and I believe DDLC does it too with monica.

what's the difference with the compressed version and original version

The only difference is lower image quality because of the compression 

ok thx

You are welcome :)

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