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Great game, needs more content, everyone please go fund

personal likes: simple hotel management, free world roaming/decision, attributes to improve, area improvements, worry free character development (you don't need to scum save every 5s for every outcome paths)

personal dislikes: I don't like the goth girl touching my Prim so early in with no consequences and also, the appeal attribute decays too fast 

What is the max pop you can raise your restaurant?

Unlimited for now, it's still a work in progress :)

This was enjoyable. I eagerly await the next update

I really loved it ^^

Waiting for the next update, amazing game bro


Good afternoon. If it's not a secret, then with what help did you make the graphics in the game? (Do you have any lessons on this program?). I also want to create my own game, but I can not draw. 

you can work with someone who can do the draw, if your game great and many people who donate for your game developing i think its worth for both of you and the drawer.

AMAZING GAME! Great writing and amazing plot, all of the content is great. The girls are amazing, each one has a great personality and it is actually great. I personally love the time managment aspect of it, it reminds me of the Persona games to a degree. And I really love each and every part of this game and i look forward to more updates and everything that comes with it !!^


Perfect game, cute girls (Prim the most cutest), adicional content coming, this game is perfect


Nice game. The restaurant management, cute girls (Prim is the cutest). Some of them are creepy, soime of them are cold but each of them like MC.

 Waiting for updates 

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I loved the game and the girls so cute.

Waiting for the next update and promise support when receive the money, you deserve that

Thanks for your help :D


You expected a review but it was, I dio

You expected a reply but it was, i Stawer >8D


When are you planning to release the next update? 

I have really enjoyed it so far and I'm dying for more.


In February. It will have a lot of new content :)


Thank you for your quick reply and I'm glad. I have really enjoyed it so far it's got a great story keep up the good work


i love this game so much. i really want to play with the next version! :O 

i will support you on patreon when i'm ready, sure!

but first i want to ask some question is " what's your programs for create your girls? "

Thank you for your support :D

I use Honey Select for the Girls :)

Oh Thank you so much :O


Just want to say I love the artwork for your game and good story  I actually didn't want to put my phone on because I was so interested LOL. keep up the good work!!!


Nice work. Very promising. I can't wait for future updates!

I am stuck on a part where I have to train with yui doing marshal arts and I do not know how to get any further I've been training either her for some time now. And I am playing on android if that helps

Yui's story ends there in this version :(

In the Android version i can't imput the name, i can write the name but when i press tu continue it doesn't do anything. I don't know if i'm the only one with this problem but i can't even start to play the game

P.D.: the button i press is the keyboard button becouse i don't find any other button

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You have to press there, I know it's a design problem, since they don't look like buttons, but in the next update will be fixed :)

Edit: I uploaded a new version with the problem solved. Thanks!

Wow, thanks You, i didn't see it... and also wasn't expecting you to answer that fast XD

Now i can play a little bit before going to sleep

This game have nsfw scenes with the mc and other or is it all about finding out this mystery you mentioned in the description.

Has nsfw scenes with the mc :P

The mystery thing is optional :)


Hablas español 7w7? bueno solo quería decir que amo a prim

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Deberíamos pasar por Argleton al menos una vez! Si lo visitas, querrás quedarte y vivir allí!

Es un novela visual  con un fluido Ingles / Español, lo cual se agradece!

En cuanto a Gameplay encuentro que es una Novela mas interactiva y entretenida, puedes recorrer lugares y hablar con los personajes hay mas interacción, también distintos trabajos, esta novela por lo que veo esta en desarrollo 0.2 a la hora de escribir esto, pero aun así tiene mucho contenido y no es el estilo mas estricto de argumento 7 decisión, se parece mas a un juego o novela con elementos de aventura gráfica o simulador (en el sentido de lo complejo de la mecanica).

Los Renders son cuidados y son detallistas en el arte, difícilmente encuentres fondos o personajes, objetos que te saquen del mundo de Argleton .

Los personajes hasta ahora mostrados tienen su estética y personalidad diferenciales una de la otra y tiene cada una su halo de misterio, que esperemos se vaya revelando en futuras entregas!

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Interesting game, can't wait for future updates because i see some real potential in this game

Amo a todas las chicas Prim es mi favorita, no puedo esperar para ver más de ella 😈

Hombre de cultura jajaja

great game with beautiful art - all the girls are just gorgeous/hot/cute! Gameplay mechanics are good and the story get's interesting, check it out guys! :)